Read how Dianetics is making positive changes in people’s lives
Through auditing on Dianetics I was able to handle the painful emotions of my grandfather Carlin’s death. Even the mention of him at times would bring me to tears. Now I am more in control of my emotions. I also handled past traumatic events from my childhood which clouded my happiness. I am now free from the darkness of the past.
The Hubbard Dianetics Seminar was a truly inspirational experience. I will never be the same again. —SMJ
During my Dianetic session, I talked about a tragedy I experienced that ended my marriage and landed me back in LA. I also talked about a situation that occurred during my childhood which still prevented me, even though I am now an adult, from celebrating Christmas. This was connected to insecurities and misunderstandings and I understand what happened. Now, I am feeling very good. —DM
I feel better and much happier after my Dianetic session. I don’t have to worry any more and I can be in present time without dwelling in my past. It feels really good to be able to live on without thinking of these painful moments anymore. I have a greater understanding that I am not my past bad experiences or mistakes; grace and love cover a multitude of transgressions and I can be free to live life to the fullest. I can overcome any adversity and heal while I progress through life. —ED
I was able to go back to one of the worst incidents I ever experienced in my life. Now I am able to forgive my dad because he did what he thought was best. The pain I used to feel in my leg is gone and I feel free. —AG
One day I found a copy of Dianetics and read it. I decided to do the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar. I have a family of four beautiful daughters, and I run a pressure-wash cleaning company. Faith has always been a part of my life; however, I was also looking for tools to better my condition. In my first Dianetics session, I returned to a time 29 years ago. I was in my teens and my best friend was becoming more than a friend. I had the green light to start a relationship, but I didn’t. My friend moved to another town. A year later, for whatever reason, she took her life. The pain was unbearable, I blamed myself—if only I’d been there. At the time, I turned to drugs because of the pain. The regret stayed with me all my life. In this first session, I dealt with it. At first I cried like a baby, then at last I could let it go. I’d been holding on to this for 29 years. With each Dianetics session, I came to realize how many things had been holding me back. Now I can live life like I want to and I’m winning. I became more me. —Mufasa U, Business Professional
What is Dianetics?
The painful experiences of our past clearly have an effect upon our present behavior. But to what degree, and why?

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